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CSC alumni and invited guests joined HRH The Princess Royal and bp CEO Mr Bernard Looney to discuss leadership...


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Past event CSCLEADERS 2018

The development experience of the programme is crucially dependent on the diversity of participants, who work together on challenging projects in small groups under pressure of time. In 2018 there were 88 participants from 26 Commonwealth countries, divided by sector as follows:

  • Not for profit: ​30%
  • Private sector:​34%
  • Public sector: ​36%

The sequence of the programme was as follows:

  1. Online introduction to topics relating to leadership and the theme, including speakers on resilience such as a Senior Director at the World Bank and the UK’s Chief Medical Officer.
  2. The UK face-to-face programme in May began with plenary speaker events including Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland, Paul Polman of Unilever, the CEO of the British Red Cross and the Prime Minister’s Military Advisor.
  3. Participants then split up into eight groups that visited a total of 24 organisations in London and Manchester, ranging from a housing group to the Metropolitan Police in London and from Cisco to the National Graphene Institute in Manchester. HRH The Princess Royal accompanied four of the groups.
  4. On the final day each group presented their response to the theme such as:
    a. Connecting community projects to potential investors through data analysis, financial appraisal and risk assessment.
    b. Culturally inclusive hackathons to design new solutions through big data.
    c. Developing a new social contract between citizens and city government.
    d. Urban farms to grow food while tackling isolation and pollution and enhancing mental health and education.
  5. After the UK programme, alumni continued to interact online and extended the work of their groups.
  6. The Malaysian face-to-face programme in September included a range of distinguished speakers including two Ministers and the High Commissioner.
  7. Malaysian study visits ranged from a soup kitchen to Kuala Lumpur City Hall and an aerospace company.
  8. Alumni from previous programmes participated by hosting study visits and attending parts of the Malaysian programme.

Assessment after the programmes gave scores of over 90% for a range of statements about the impact of the programme such as:

  • I am better able to lead or operate beyond my circle of authority
  • I am better able to spot common ground and make connections between people
  • I am better able to adjust my behaviour in culturally diverse situations
  • I am better able to recognize my biases and minimise their effects
  • I am better able to lead or operate within a diverse team
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